The Best Beauty Products To Use When You’re On Your Period

Blog Image 3.2.18Think you have to stick with your regular face wash and moisturizer during that time of the month? Think again. Switching up your skin care routine and adding products that are formulated to control excess oil, fight acne, and cleanse down there (yes, that’s a thing!) can make a huge difference in both the clarity of your skin and your body’s pH levels.

Up ahead, we share some of the best beauty products to use during that time of the month. Trust us, Aunt Flow won’t know what hit her.

The Honey Pot Co. Wash

Keep things clean down there with The Honey Pot Co. Wash. With both normal and sensitive washes to choose from, the feminine wash can balance pH levels, banish odor-causing bacteria, and hydrate your lady parts without any discomfort. What’s more? The wash is formulated with plant-based ingredients, so you can cleanse without worrying about irritation or infection.

Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask


We know we’re getting a visit from Aunt Flow when a pesky chin pimple pops up. Help keep period-related breakouts at bay with Skin & Lab Glacial Facial Mask. Formulated with Canadian glacial clay, bentonite, kaolin, and acne-fighting tea tree oil, the detoxifying face mask is your ultimate weapon against excess sebum, large pores, inflammation, and pimples.

 The Créme Shop 2-in-1 Facial Foam Cleanser: Charcoal + Volcanic Ash

Nothing says deep clean like charcoal and we can’t get enough of The Créme Shop 2-in-1 Facial Foam Cleanser: Charcoal + Volcanic Ash. At just $10 a pop, the affordable cleanser is a great way to keep healthy, clear skin during that time of the month. Formulated with activated charcoal and volcanic ash, the cleanser works like a magnet to pull out dirt and impurities from pores and flush out toxins.

 Yon-Ka Lotion Yon-Ka Normal to Oily Skin Toner

Lotion PG_500x755

To avoid period-related breakouts, it’s important to keep the complexion’s pH as balanced as possible. And, one way to do so is to incorporate a facial toner in your morning and nighttime routine. We love Yon-Ka Lotion Yon-Ka Normal to Oily Skin Toner for its ability to balance the skin’s pH and keep excess oil at bay. Formulated with five essential oils that purify, tone, and invigorate the skin, this daily facial toner is a must-try.

 emerginC Complexion Control

If you experience oily skin while on your period, you may want to switch to a lightweight moisturizer that can balance excess oil and keep breakouts at bay. Formulated with willow bark extract, the emerginC Complexion Control moisturizer can provide the skin with deep nourishment while working to get rid of excess sebum and protect against breakouts.

 Lavido Intimately Yours Wash 


You can never have too much feminine wash — especially while on your period. Another wash we love? Lavido Intimately Yours Wash. Formulated with tea tree and lavender essential oils, the daily body wash works to cleanse, deodorize, and balance the body’s natural pH level.

 emerginC Blemish Control

It wouldn’t be that time of month without a little — or, a lot of — pimple cream. Formulated with acne-fighting zinc oxide, sulfur, camphor, and salicylic acid, emerginC Blemish Control is a fast-acting drying lotion that improves the look of breakouts before your urge to pick sets in.

 The Honey Pot Co. Feminine Wipes


On the go? Cleanse down there with The Honey Pot Co. Feminine Wipes. Made from sustainable, chlorine and pesticide-free rayon and formulated with natural botanicals, antioxidants, and probiotics, these cleansing wipes can help balance the body’s pH, deodorize, and prevent infections from occurring. Not to mention: They leave you feeling ultra fresh and clean.

– Jessie Quinn

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