Beach break on the fly?

Blog Post 2Trying to unlearn my ways….

There are two kinds of travelers. Those who pack light and those who wished they had. As I start to pack for a quick beach trip, I am trying to challenge myself and pack strategically, for the first time in my life. With becoming a total lightweight in mind, I found some amazing multifunctional beauty and fashion items to share!

The Honey Pot Company’s Wipes are compact, natural and biodegradable and can be used from head to toe and places in-between! They are also portable enough to fit in a beach bag or purse. I am also taking them on board to wipe down the tray and arm rest, cited as the dirtiest places on the plane.

I am obsessed with Farmaesthetics Hand to Heel softening salve which has a formulation rich in vitamins and essential oils that smells luxurious and combats dryness everywhere. I put a dab under my nose before takeoff, which I swear helps ward off germs on the plane.

LALICIOUS’s The Oil provides a powerful anti-aging punch and contains a rich blend of plant extracts to restore skin’s elasticity and luminosity, before, during and après the sun. You can also add it to your bath and use it on your hair to make it shine.

Lastly, Bogner’s stylish tunic can take you from the beach to the bar in style. I throw in a sash that hikes it up and can therefore alter its look to go from the yacht club to beach bash or from naughty to nice.

– Woods

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